Background: With the recent migration to a new financial planning tool (Hyperion HFM), this prestigious higher education institution was preparing for its first annual budget cycle using the new system. In a highly de-centralized environment, each of its 35 departments and academic units were performing the budget process differently. Given the roll-out of a new planning system, these processes needed to be standardized in order to utilize the system in an efficient manner.

CTS Impact Solution:

To provide one-on-one functional support to users across the entire organization, the CTS Impact team worked as an extension of the Budget Office throughout the entire annual budget process, working closely with the 35 departments and academic units.

    • Identify opportunities to optimize use of Hyperion HCM
      • Interviewed 75% of the departments
      • Designed efficient way to collect data from departments
      • Utilized Web Forms and SmartView for various reporting needs
    • Develop budget process tools
      • Glossary of standard terms
      • Develop FAQ’s – budget process
      • Developed job aids/cheat sheets
      • Tip of the Day feature on intranet
      • Documented standard operating procedures