Background: In order to manage the large volume of user requests across all corporate administrative functions (e.g. finance, legal, human resources, marketing, etc.), reporting and analysis tools were needed to define user requirements, estimate resource requirements and allocations, estimate level of effort, prioritize concurrent and potentially conflicting activities and analyze the business case to evaluate the return on investment for new projects.

CTS Impact Solution: Using industry best practices, CTS performed the following:

  • Project management
    • Develop and prepare project plans
    • Status reporting and updates to Steering Committee
  • Program design and development
    • Design standard tools and templates
    • Develop prioritization model to evaluate organizational impact and level of effort
    • Formalized communications plan for frequent updates to user-community
    • Deployment of request management tracking tool (Primavera) to manage in-flight projects
  • Conduct pilot
    • Meet with business owners to define requirements
    • Develop business cases to analyze ROI
    • Prepare project charters and projet plans
    • Liaison to IT and business community
  • Program roll-out and on-going support
    • Train new Business Analysts on usage of standard processes and tools
    • Provide Interim Business Analysts to preform day-to-day activities